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20 March
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18, 23, alcohol, animals, anime, apocalyptic folk, aradia, art, art bell, artemis, autumn, belly dancing, bondage, buffy the vampire slayer, burlesque, cartoons, celtic, christian death, claire voyant, coil, collage art, collecting anime, computer animation, crash worship, current 93, dancing, david lynch, de/vision, death, death in june, death rock, destruction, devil hunter yohko, die form, dirty pair, drawing, dreams, dreamworld, ebm, electronics, emotions, ethereal, euthanasia, ezra nye, faith and the muse, fallen goddess, fashion, goth, in ether, in the nursery, industrial, iris, kali, kundalini, legendary pink dots, love spirals downwards, mother destruction, music, neo-folk, paranormal, philosophy, pissing you off, pixies, playstation, psychic tv, pvc, ranma 1/2, rocky mountain rollergirls, rozz williams, rubber, sega, serpent goddess, serpents, sex, sigils, single gun theory, skinny puppy, smash bunny, sol invictus, spring, swans, synthpop, tattoos, tear garden, televisionarium, terrorfakt, thailand, the occult, thoughts, throbbing gristle, topy, vama marg, vampire hunter d, virgin prunes, wakeworld, wicca, william s burroughs, wolfsheim, working out, yorkshire terriers, zombies

Whatever they said MUST be true! Maybe? Wanna find out? I'm living proof that I'm not just an armchair adventurer! I may just be the friendliest lust ever! Or a new plaything! And I'll give you insight into why fanaticism can be very useful in moderation. Your capacity for orgasmic pleasure could increase......

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"Eccentricity is not, as dull people would have us believe, a form of madness!" -Edith Sitwell

The Most Influential Women In My Life

Some of the Women of the late 1840s-1950s Burlesque I Admire

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